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  • Spacecraft-3D Icon


    Choose your rover, and go 3D for FREE and explore the universe. ( You need to print out the image to use with your iPad.) Excellent APP from NASA.

  • Word Mover Icon

    Word Mover

    Language Arts
    With this FREE app students can create poetry from word banks, or words they have added. Easy to move text. This app is from Read, Write, Think.

  • UN Country Stats Icon

    UN Country Stats

    Social Studies
    This FREE app from the United Nations is your virtual data tool to compare a variety of indicators for 216 countries and territories. Complete country tables or visualized as bar graphs. Easy to use, nice graphics and charts.

  • i-nigma Icon


    all subjects
    Free QR code/barcode reader, considered to be one of the best. QR codes can be integrated several ways into the classroom. Learn more about QR codes and beneficial uses in the classroom at Richard Byrne's site http://tinyurl.com/a3poz85 or from the Daring Librarian, http://tinyurl.com/38yabo2

  • Geoboard Icon


    A Geoboard is a great manipulative to teach a variety of math concepts. This FREE app puts a virtual geoboard right on your iPad. There are different colored rubber bands, you can fill shapes or whole board. Check out Dr. Nikki's math blog for some great lesson plan ideas to with Geoboards. http://tinyurl.com/clklby7

  • Simple Physics Icon

    Simple Physics

    Science, Math
    Students use their engineering and math skills to design structures from Tree Houses to Ferris Wheels. Allows for unlimited attempts. This would work well integrated into a physics class. Only 99 cents. Free online tool from John Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering would compliment well. Virtual lab http://www.jhu.edu/virtlab/bridge-designer/

  • Tangram XL Free Icon

    Tangram XL Free

    Math, Language Arts
    Simple Tangram app without a lot of distraction. Free, easy to use, allows for risk taking and exploration. Would be a great tool to use with Grandfather Tangs Story by Ann Tompert and Three Pigs, One Wolf, and Seven Magical Shapes by Grace Maccarone.

  • Phonics Genius Icon

    Phonics Genius

    This FREE app contains 225 sets of words grouped by phonics. Students can see the word, hear the word, record and playback their voice saying the word. Also has quiz mode.

  • Origami Icon


    Math, Language Arts
    This app provides step by step instructions on how to create objects with origami. App uses both video and text instructions. Divided into levels; easy, medium, and hard. Also activities are categorized: birds, boats, clothes, flowers, etc. App is FREE but there is always some advertisement at the bottom. For 1.99 you can upgrade to version with no ads. The Paper Crane by Molly Bang and Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Caerr are both great books incorporating origami. The free online website The Origami Club http://www.en.origami-club.com/ is another great resource.

  • Idea Sketch Icon

    Idea Sketch

    Although it does not have graphics like inspiration everything else about this visual organizer is a two thumbs up. Intuitive and straight forward Idea Sketch really helps to create that flow chart of organization.

  • Sushi Monster Icon

    Sushi Monster

    Fun and engaging! Feed the hungry Sushi Monster by practicing and reinforcing whole number addition and multiplication facts. This app features 12 sequenced levels. Supports common core standard: Extend fact knowledge to support strategic reasoning and computational flexibility in addition and multiplication. FREE!

  • Comic Life Icon

    Comic Life

    Language Arts
    With Comic Life and its an easy to use interface create fun, captivating comics. Use Comic Life with your students and have them; write a poem, create a how to, generate a historical timeline...and more

  • Puppet Pals Icon

    Puppet Pals

    Language Arts
    Pick out actors, backdrops, stage, and you are ready to animate and add audio. This FREE app is a 2011 Editors Choice from Children's Technology Review.

  • Frog Dissection Icon

    Frog Dissection

    No muss, no fuss with this App. Dissecting frogs just got a whole lot easier with this app. Includes 3-D organ views, voice overs for instruction and reading, dissection tools, labels, it is all there. Winner of PeTA’s Mark Twain Ethical Science Award Winner of IEAR- Best Science App Award -2010

  • TourWrist Icon


    View panoramic virtual tours of places around the world or create your own on your iPad. Easy to use! Create your own virtual tours and share. Great for fieldtrips, story starters and more. MacWorld 2012 Best of Show Winner!

  • Monkey Math School Sunshine Icon

    Monkey Math School Sunshine

    Educational and entertaining, this app builds fundamental math skills in a creative and fun way. Very well designed and sequenced.

  • GeekSLP Icon


    assistive technology
    Hands down this is the most popular app for speech therapists, special ed teachers, and educators. Maintained by a SLP this app is updated with ideas and resources for utilizing tech integration with speech/language therapy.

  • Counting Coins Icon

    Counting Coins

    A nice little free app to practice money value,and counting money

  • Balloons Tap and Learn Icon

    Balloons Tap and Learn

    A fun way to practice colors, numbers, and animals recognition. Easy to use and intuitive. Feel free to turn off the music unless you like sixties sitcom. This app is free.

  • Fry Words Icon

    Fry Words

    The Fry Words free app includes a list of the 1000 most common high frequency words. This app is very straight forward. Click on the word and hear the sound. Sets of words are specifically grouped by sounds and frequency.

  • Fractions App by Tap to Learn Icon

    Fractions App by Tap to Learn

    This is a nice comprehensive app to help with learning an understanding fractions. Choose from a variety of tutorials covering many topics on fractions, then test your knowledge with a game. Users can choose from Easy, Medium or Hard. Easy and intuitive to use. Best part it is free.

  • ShowMe Interactive White Board Icon

    ShowMe Interactive White Board

    Turn your iPad into your personal interactive white board for free! Record your voice along with a whiteboard lesson and easily upload to the web. This app is very intuitive. ShowMe has a great community website where you can find other lessons created on the ShowMe app at www.showme.com

  • Animal Fun Icon

    Animal Fun

    Early Childhood
    Animal fun is a great free app. Simple to use, choose from the collection of animal pictures and tap to hear the name of the animal and the sound it makes. Settings allow you to play only animal name or animal sound.

  • 3D Brain Icon

    3D Brain

    This free app consists of 29 interactive structures of the brain. Examine different structures in 3D, learn about associated functions, disorders, brain damage and more. Also has labels that include include substructures of the structure selected. This app was created by the Dolan DNA Learning Center in Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

  • Peterson Feeder Birds of North America Icon

    Peterson Feeder Birds of North America

    This app is a great tool to get students outdoors and identifying birds around them. Great pictures, audio of calls, migration information and detailed information about the species. Students can keep track of their sightings with the built in journal. Kids can track how many sightings they have of a species, date, place, weather, confidence level and a place for notes. Which student will have the most sightings in your class? Best of all this app is FREE

  • Prezi Viewer Icon

    Prezi Viewer

    Prezi is quickly becoming one of the most popular presentations tools. Although you can not create a Prezi with this app, it allows you to download the Prezi's you have created and view them. Great way to show a students work done in Prezi at a parent teacher conference.

  • Commander Compass Light Icon

    Commander Compass Light

    This free compass is by far one of the best the app store has to offer and a great toolkit for the outdoors. Features include milspec compass, gyrocompass, maps, speedometer, GPS tracker and more. Do read the guide with this one to maximize the uses of this app. The guide can be found by tapping on the information icon in the lower right corner.

  • Toddler Puzzle Shapes Icon

    Toddler Puzzle Shapes

    This free app is very simple and straight forward. Hear the name of a shapes and drag and drop the identified shape to a corresponding outline. Language can be set for English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Hebrew.

  • Flat Stanley Icon

    Flat Stanley

    Featured as #1 New and Noteworthy App in iTunes Education! If you participate in the Flat Stanley Project this is a must have. This app comes with several "Flat Stanleys" or create your own. Use your iPad2 and put your Flat Stanley in any picture your taking. Once you have your Flat Stanley picture, you can send, edit, receive or put Stanley in a Flatter World. Did we mention it is FREE!

  • Oresome Elements Icon

    Oresome Elements

    This app is fun, cute, helps with learning the periodic table. When was the last time you saw fun and cute associated with the periodic table? Free, this app contains nice visuals and a kinesthetic approach to learning the periodic table.

  • Leafsnap Icon


    Leafsnap is a free electronic field guide and a perfect fit for leaf/tree identification. Take a snapshot of a leaf with your iPad2, and Leafsnap will provide you with a list of possible trees the leaf could be from. The most likely match at the top of the list. Tap on one of the possibilities and Leafsnap opens up a visual reference on the selected tree, including pictures of the leaf, bark, flower and fruit. Once you know for sure what leaf you have Leafsnap will label your find with a swipe of the finger. Leafsnap keeps a collection of the pictures taken and even maps where you found them. Other features includes a map of species nearby, and a browse feature. Be sure to read the information section with this app to get the most out of its features.

  • Planets Icon


    Explore the constellations in 3D, find out when a planet may be visible in the sky, rotate the globe in 3D or choose a specific planet and explore. Easy to use and incorporate.

  • Mars Globe Icon

    Mars Globe

    Explore the red planet in 3D and explore. Learn about the terrain, spacecraft, and Albedo. Find out when a Mars may be visible. Easy to use and incorporate.

  • Moon Globe Icon

    Moon Globe

    This easy to use interactive app lets studnts explore the planet in 3D. Discover terrain, where spacecraft have landed and more. Find out when the Moon may be visible.

  • The Elements: A Visual Exploration Icon

    The Elements: A Visual Exploration

    Although this app has a fee, it is nothing short of an excellent periodic table. Great visuals, intuitive, engaging, and interactive. This would be a great reference tool for students to have.

  • Star Walk Icon

    Star Walk

    Winner of the Apple Design Award 2010, Best App of 2009, and Best App of 2010 you may have seen this one in a commercial already. Hold your iPad up and see what constellations are in that location real time. Also includes interactive detailed information on planets, astrology calendar, picture the day and more.

  • Shake

    Shake 'em Up State Capitals

    An easy and fun way for learners to practice their state capitals. This App is very straight forward easy to use. Shake the iPad, a state is highlighted, guess the capital and tough the screen to see if you are right.

  • Intro to Letters, by Montessorium Icon

    Intro to Letters, by Montessorium

    This app says outloud the name of the letter and guides the learner as they trace the letter on the iPad screen. Allow user unlimited attempts. This would be great for early childhood or someone requiring supportive technology.

  • abc PocketPhonics Lite: letter sounds & writing + first words Icon

    abc PocketPhonics Lite: letter sounds & writing + first words

    Remember whenever you see the word lite it means it gives you a small free version but for a fee you can have more. This App is user friendly and reviews letters and their sounds. it also guides the student to trace letters. Great for Early Childhood, K, or supportive learning.

  • SightWords First Grade Icon

    SightWords First Grade

    Teachers found this one easy to use and captivating. Although a small fee is associated with this app it is well worth the price. The app provides practice with sounds and recognition of high frequency words for the beginning reading crowd.

  • Kids Math Fun~Kindergarten Icon

    Kids Math Fun~Kindergarten

    Students will have fun with this easy to use app that allows for practice of basic addition and subtraction facts.

  • Jumbo Calculator Icon

    Jumbo Calculator

    This free app provides you with a large easy to use calculator right on your iPhone. No need to get out your glasses for this one. Just like it says this is a jumbo calculator! Great app for all students.

  • Calculator Pro Icon

    Calculator Pro

    This free version of Calculator Pro includes a scientific calculator in landscape mode. A great feature that upper level math classes can take advantage of.

  • Dragon Dictation Icon

    Dragon Dictation

    Here is an app that records your voice and transfers to text. Great for kids who have trouble writing or unable to write. The best part of this App is that it is FREE!

  • Sign 4 Me - A Signed English Translator Icon

    Sign 4 Me - A Signed English Translator

    Type in words, sentences, have them signed back to you. Allows you to control speed, repetition, and keeps a history of past text typed in. You can use this as a supportive technology device OR teach mainstream students sign language. This app is worth the price!

  • Assistive Chat Icon

    Assistive Chat

    This is an Augmentative Alternative Communication Device. This App comes with three voices, a prediction feature to reduce key strokes,and a self learning prediction feature. This app is easy and efficient.

  • LookTel Money Reader Icon

    LookTel Money Reader

    This app is especially great for someone who is visually impaired or a learner having difficulty recognizing money. Just "scan" your bill in front of the camera and it tells you what type of US Currency you have. This app only works with the iPad2.

  • ColorBlast! Lite Icon

    ColorBlast! Lite

    Photo & Video
    This app supports creativity and fun! Import pictures you have taken with your iPad2. The app turns your picture into a blank and white and allows you to "color in" the areas that you want.

  • iSwap Faces LITE Icon

    iSwap Faces LITE

    Photo & Video
    Did you ever wonder what your face might look like on someone or something else? Well here is an app for that! Import a picture from your photo library and highlight the faces or areas you want to swap. Fun for a photography class or creating digital images.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express Icon

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    Photo & Video
    Adobe has released this scaled down version of its popular software Photoshop. This is a wonderful app which provides tips on how to use finger swipes to get the same results we would using Photoshop traditionally. Students and educators will enjoy editing the pictures they just took with their iPad with this powerful tool.

  • Fan Free Icon

    Fan Free

    If you have a student who may need some white noise while they work, or if you just have trouble going to sleep this App is great. After you download this free app, you can choose from 3 different "fan" noises.

  • Talking Ben the Dog Icon

    Talking Ben the Dog

    An interactive Dog, Ben can be your new iPad pet. Users can tickle his toes, go to his lab and conduct an experiment, have Ben answer the phone, or make Ben repeat what you say. Just plain fun!

  • Talking Tom Cat 2 Icon

    Talking Tom Cat 2

    If you like cats you will love Talking Tom. You can download Tom for free and have a pet cat right on your iPad. Rub Tom and hear him purr, feed Tom or have him repeat back to you what you say. Another fun app!

  • Pandora Radio Icon

    Pandora Radio

    If you like to listen to music but don't have a radio or can't find one station that plays all the music you like this is the perfect App for you. Pandora allows you to customize your own radio station from classic to rock. You can even vote down on a selection and it will remember not to play it again! This app is FREE!

  • Epicentral Icon


    This free app developed by the USGS keeps you updated real time on all earth movements. Excellent visuals that show where tremors and earthquakes are occurring, along with detailed information location, latitude, longitude and more. Great for those studying plate tectonics or seismology.